God of War 4 Release Date, News and Rumors: Sony To Unveil Game At E3 In LA Next Month?

By Peter R - 19 May '16 16:35PM

Fans could get the first glimpse of God of War 4 at next month's E3 expo, new reports suggests.

Rumors about the game under development have been around for a while. Screenshots appeared to show the game set in Norse mythology (a deviation from Greek mythology which Kratos belongs to). Not much is officially known as Sony has remained mum about the game. However, speculation is rife that the game may make a surprise appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo scheduled to be held in LA between June 12 and 17.

GOW series proved a major hit for Sony and its Santa Monica Studio, becoming the company's flagship ever since its first release in 2005. Over 20 million copies of the game have been estimated to have been sold. The game has been rated as one of the best action plays of all time.

The Greek mythology of the God of War series eventually leads to Kratos attempting to kill himself but his fate is left unknown in God of War 3. If rumors prove true, Sony would have to do a fair bit of explaining connecting, Norse and Greek mythologies. Images that appeared online last month showed an axe-wielding bearded Kratos in Viking fur.

Fans have been excited at the prospect of playing another GOW but hope the game would be different from those of the past. Some have remarked that the slashing and rage of Kratos had become boring.

"It will be really disappointing if they make another God of War game starring Kratos that follows the exact same formula as the last 6 ones," wrote on Reddit user.

"But if they did some sort of reboot, possibly in another mythology and/or with another main character and change up the formula in meaningful ways (AKA don't just like me kill everything with circle circle triangle) I would probably be really interested in that."

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