'God of War 4' News and Release Date: Leaks Show Kratos To Take On Norse Gods

By Peter R - 07 Apr '16 07:28AM

God of War 4 is rumoured to be under development and Kratos' victims could be Thor, Odin and Balder.

Numerous reports claim to show purported leaks of artwork from the actual game. The images show a menacing bearded, axe-wielding Kratos that many speculated could be a Norse equivalent. The game's maker Sony Santa Monica has not officially said anything about the popular game.

God of War's release for PS 2 in 2005 proved an instant hit, with Kratos joining the league of more popular game characters like Mario. The subsequent releases established the game's importance for Sony, with over 18 million units in sales of the six games that were produced. God of War III released in 2010 remains the bestseller in the series.

God of War 4 is expected to liven up the narrative and breakaway from previous games as fans believe there is little left in Greek mythology that Sony could offer. Rumors of the game's development first came reportedly in 2014. The artwork shows Kratos in mythical Norse worlds including Alfheim and Vanaheimr, according to Polygon which reported on the leaks.

The recent leaks are courtesy Nerdleaks that followed up tweets of industry insider Shinobi602. Nerdleaks saved the images from what is believed to be a computer of the studio employee. After images surfaced online and were shared, Nerdleaks went offline.

Speculation around a new God of War game has been rife for a while but picked up tempo days after the leaks. While many have doubted the authenticity of the images, calling them fake, others believe that it is indeed the game in making. However, the images only add to long circulating rumors that GoW 4 could see Kratos taking on the giants of Norse mythology.

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