Kim Kardashian and Kanye West News Update: Mother's Day Orchestra Setting the Reconciliation Tone

By Dipannita - 10 May '16 09:25AM

In the recent past, there had been a lot of rumors centering the separation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. All of these, however, are being silenced by the improving chemistry between the couple as they both have started praising each other. Kardashian has been all praise on the Met Gala looks of Kanye West whereas Kanye feels that Kim serves as a role model for other women as an epitome of achievement and success. Therefore, the underlying point in these revelations is that they are still in love.

Kim is extremely fascinated at the eyes of her husband at the Met Gala. On the other hand, the light colored contact lens being used by Kanye did backfire a bit over social media.

Kanye, at the same time, did adore his wife and expressed his views on how Kim earned respect amongst her fans. According to him, Kim disrupted the boundaries with fashion and served as an epitome of empowering women, and deserves respect for her actions.

Talking about respect, the couple did face some awkwardness during their visit to Cuba, where, according to reports, they were not recognized by many of the residents there. Also, they did face a lot of inconvenience in getting the release orders of filming 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' as the reality show culture was not that prevalent in Cuba. The issues didn't end there as they faced issues with internet connectivity as well, which further frustrated them, and made them eager to leave.

These claims, however, have been negated by the spokesperson of Kim stating that the internet connectivity issue was not unexpected for them. The duo had carried their son as well to the trip. The public appearance of Saint West did charm the fans as he was pampered by his father. Moreover, the ecstatic celebration of the 'Mother's day' set him apart, and made him a subject of much appreciation.

According to reports, Kanye employed a string orchestra of 10 violins and cello players offering a beautiful medley to mark the beginning of the day. The celebration was primarily focused on Kim with mention of their kids - completely awed Kim and her followers.

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