Kpop News: BTS successfully holds epilogue concert in Seoul and reveals new goals

By Lord Justin Castillo - 10 May '16 09:26AM

BTS successfully wrapped up their kick off concert for their epilogue series of "HwaYangYeonwa" in Seoul. It was a two-day event were the boys performed for their epilogue sequel of their album "HwaYangYeonwha" which started over a year ago.

It was held on May 7 and 8 in Olympic park Gymnastic Arena and was full packed with a total of 24,000 fans. BTS's one ultimate goal is to perform in a large arena like the Olympic Park Gymnasium, and with the concert they made, it was a dream come true for the boys.

During their concert, BTS sincerely expressed with enthusiasm and shared, "We started in Ax Hall, and now we are here at Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena. It was our dream since debut, and we have finally achieved our goal. It feels unreal."

Jimin expressed, "I really didn't expect that we'd get this far, this is a stage that most of us starts to dream. I'm happy and touched, but at the same time a bit sad too. I'm feeling so many things right now that it's hard to describe them with just one word."

The leader of the group, Rap Monster also added, "This moment is beautiful, but I hope this won't be the most beautiful moment. I hope that we're just turning over the first page of a book called 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.'" Rap Monster also emotionally expressed his gratitude for giving them so much love and support, for going through with them for a long ride. (Soompi)

Rap Monster added, Our dreams before were to become #1 idol group on music programs, and idol stars performing in Olympic Park Gymnastic Arena, but after taking #1 and holding concerts, now we're aspired to win for 'Best Artist'."

He continued, "Our perspectives changed after taking on Olympic Gymnastic Arena. It's good to be modest, but it is also important to enjoy this moment. It's not good to waste this joyful youth and music with anxiety and fear." Allkpop reported.

BTS will then start their scheduled comeback stage on different music shows this week and to be followed by their upcoming concerts overseas.


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