Periscope Can Now Let Users Keep Broadcasts Forever Using #Save Replays

By Jenn Loro - 06 May '16 09:59AM

Twitter-owned app Periscope has just made live-streamed broadcasts stay on forever- a pivotal change from the previous policy of deleting broadcasts after 24 hours. In the recently announced update, CEO Kayvon Beykpour may now be able to keep their live videos permanently saved on the platform by putting #save in the title. The videos will only disappear if users choose to delete the broadcast at any time in the future.

This recently added feature puts it in direct competition with Facebook's very own livestreaming broadcast platform 'Live' in a bid to make it more appealing to brands and celebrities. As opposed to Twitter's Periscope, Facebook's 'Live' videos stick around, thereby, forcing the Beykpour to rethink about the app's lack of permanent save feature, Business Insider reported.

As per Tech Crunch report, Periscope is still in public beta stage as it accommodates users' feedbacks to make the feature a more robust platform for permanently displaying live streams. Beykpour added that Periscope is also working on a wide array of other features and controls such giving users the option to how long they'd like their broadcast to stay saved online and not forever. The #save add-on comes in amid changes in the app including a farewell to third-party app, Katch, designed to fix Periscope's disappearing broadcasts.

As platforms of this kind are getting more equal on various fronts, main source of difference would be the size of user base. Periscope could tap Twitter's 300 million users, however, broadcasts can only be done within Periscope and not through the microblogging platform. Meanwhile, Facebook Live is pretty much integrated within the social networking ecosystem made up of 1.6 billion-plus users.

So, how does he see Periscope's competition with Facebook Live?

"Competition is good, but we don't let it distract us. You don't want to get into a mode where your product development is based on them," said Periscope CEO as quoted by USA Today.

His affable charisma, can-do attitude, and telegenic looks certainly made Beykpour one of Silicon Valley's highly conspicuous entrepreneurs.

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