'Wonder Woman' News & Updates: There May be Batman, Superman and Aquaman in Gal Gadot’s Solo Movie

By Kanika Gupta - 05 May '16 10:20AM

There have been reports that new "Wonder Woman" set photo has emerged online that shows Gal Gadot standing beside a van that says Wayne Enterprises. This image dispels another old rumor that the upcoming "Wonder Woman" will be set in World War I. However, from the looks of the van and the European license plate, it tells a totally different story. There is also suggestion that Batman and Superman might make an appearance in the movie too.

It appears that "Wonder Woman" will fast forward into the modern day time so that Gal Gadot can team with rest of the superheroes, including Batman and Superman, to complete the Justice League. The reports confirm that the film will straight out jump to the events after "Batman V Superman" so that it can be integrated into the Justice League plot.

There have also been speculations that "Justice League" that a conflict between Amazons of Themyscira and the people of Atlantis will be features, pitting Diana Prince's Wonder Woman against Momoa's Aquaman. However, it is yet to be seen if the Amazonian and Atlantean War will be shown in the movie or not. If the rumors of Momoa's cameo is indeed true, then it could mean that the other characters from the Justice League, The Flash (Ezra Miller) and the Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will also feature in the movie.

"Wonder Woman" will be directed by Patty Jenkins and will also star Chris Pine from "Star Trek Beyond." The film is set for June 2017 release.

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