Kpop News: Akdong Musician releases their mini-album and MV

By Lord Justin Castillo - 04 May '16 12:00PM

AKMU siblings' duo officially released their mini album in the Midnight of May 4 (KST). Their album "Adolescence" includes 6 tracks which are originally written and composed by Akdong Musician's Chanhyuk.

Their 2 latest tracks with MV "Re-bye" and "How People Move" was also released. The tracks have a good upbeat melody which is pretty much catchy. However, "Re-bye" style has a genre of modern class timbre while "How People Move" displays fun and bouncy beat. The MV "Re-bye" has also a special appearance of the model and singer Lee Sung Kyung which it gives more anticipation.

The release date of their album (May 4) is also the birthday of Suhyun which makes the comeback even more special.

After the said release of their album, AKMU ranked #1 and sweeping all of the main music charts in Korea like MelOn, Mnet, Bugs, olleh, Soribada, Genie, Naver, and Monkey3.

Fans of the duo have been waiting for about 2 years since their last album "Play" which was released in April 2014 that gained more than 6.1 million downloads.

However, after the completion of their promotions for their album, Lee Chan Yuk, the male artist of Akdong Musician, will be enlisting the mandatory military service.

This means the sibling duo will have a long break after the release of their second album. There are also reports that Lee Suhyun will have a solo album while her pair Lee Chan Yuk is attending the military.

Akdong Musician gains popularity because of their victory on the reality tv competition series "K-pop Star" in which they successfully garnered their first album in just nine months.

Congratulations for the comeback AKMU!

Check their MVs below!




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