'Suicide Squad' News & Update: Margot Robbie Defends Harley Quinn's Daring Costume

By Kanika Gupta - 02 May '16 16:27PM

"Suicide Squad," the upcoming DC Comics movie has a lot to look forward to. There is Will Smith and Jared Leto as Joker. However, the one character that has people talking is that of Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

Harley Quinn is already gaining a lot of attention for her crazy sense of humor, quirky antics, and outlandish makeup and costume. But she has also drawn a lot of flak for showing unnecessary skin through her character. What makes Robbie think that Harley Quinn's look is justified?

"I'm eating burgers at lunchtime, and then you go do a scene where you're hosed down and soaking wet in a white T-shirt, it's so clingy and you're self-conscious about it," Margot Robbie told the New York Times about Harley Quinn's scene in "Suicide Squad." "I didn't think denim overalls would be appropriate for that character"

According to Margot Robbie, she accepted the look of her character dressed in skimpy clothing because it is compatible with the iconography of Harley Quinn. The Australian actress also pointed out that she wore that costume not to be provocative but because her character's attire is "sparkly and fun."

According to David Ayer, "Suicide Squad" director, Margot Robbie is a serious and a methodical woman in her real life which is a stark opposite of Harley's Quinn's personality in the movie. However, the director adds that Robbie was able to open up to the character as grew more comfortable with it.

"Suicide Squad" is based on DC Comics and stars Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. It is all set to release worldwide on 5 August. She will also appear in the "The Legend of Tarzan" to be released on on July 1, according to Earn the Necklace.

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