‘The Voice’ Season 10, News Update: Gwen Stefani Miffs Christina Aguilera

By Dipannita - 30 Apr '16 09:44AM

Gwen Stefani might not be the judge on the current season of "The Voice" but she is causing major troubles for the only female judge- Christina Aguilera.

According to reports, Gwen's short stint as advisor is not going down well with Christina and she is not at all pleased with the attention Gwen is getting, courtesy her affair with Judge Blake Shelton. A few days back, it was heard that Gwen and Blake's highly-publicized relationship has led to her calling quits from the role of the judge.

However, she will not stop shooting for the current season and complete the schedule that will go for several more weeks. The next season will not see her returning as Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus have been already finalized as judges.

The reports say that Christina was allegedly fired or quit the show weeks ago, in the wake of Stefani's return as advisor. She had been left out as judge and made an unexpected entry as an advisor, which annoyed Christina and she accused that Stefani was called only because of her romance with Shelton.

Meanwhile, it is becoming quite clear that Christina is headed for her first win on the show. Adam Levine has said that he would love Christina to win and said that Christina deserves it because she has got the best team on her side.

Christina responded by saying that she does not want to be jinxed and she knows that she is being set up for a fall. However, the participants are optimistic like Adam and Alison Porter has been reported to say that it is Christina's turn to win and her team is capable.

Bryan Baustia has also expressed admiration for Christina and said that it is her knowledge of the music world that helps the contestants. He said that having a coach like her means that one is winner material. He called her incredible.

Well, Christina has got some great support, but it is really sad to hear about her feud. It would have been a delight to see her on the next season.

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