Amazon’s Alexa to Now Add Your Events to Google Calendar

By Ajay Kadkol - 28 Apr '16 10:55AM

Amazon are now encouraging more and more people to becoming increasingly interested in living in a smart home by embracing the new IoT network. Amazon's echo and its digital assistant are among the finest successes in hardware since the invention of Kindle. The company have now thought of entering the domains of Google's territory for its features.

Today Amazon revealed details about the update on its official website announcing Echo owners that they would be facilitated with little voice-controlled helper being added and could also creating Google Calendar events to its lists that it could fulfill. It's as simple as any other command you give to Alexa - the voice assistant. Say "Add this particular event to my calendar" for instance and it will prompt Alexa to add that particular event as per your wish. You also need to make sure that the device is connected to your Google Calendar before you start using that feature. This can be done in the Alexa app companion's settings to adjust it.

This is not the first time Alexa has dived into the Google's Calendar territory. Before the update, the voice assistant could read all your calendar events back to you but the new creation feature ups the stakes. It means that Alexa slowly but steadily entering into Google's domain in a move to throw down the search giant's own voice assistant "Ok Google" to waste.

This also means Amazon's voice assistant might actually be provided as an alternative to Google's own services. This might not be a reality after all since you know Google's might can actually pull down Alexa due to all its software might both inside and outside the operating system world. The new feature combined with the recent possibility to ordering an Uber from Amazon's Echo shows that Amazon are now definitely into more of non-e-commerce developments for little devices

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