God of War 4'News and Release Date: New Leaks Point to Thor in Upcoming ‘God of War 4’

By Kanika Gupta - 18 Apr '16 11:55AM

Sony's exclusive game, "God of War 4," is rumored to release along with PlayStation 5. Reports also indicate that the game protagonist will not be Kratos but his look alike.

According to latest reports, God of War lead may not be Kratos in the fourth installment of the the popular "God of War" franchise. Considering that the developers are building the next game on Norse theme, chances are that the game lead will be Thor.

Sony has garnered immense success through "God of War" series that sold as many as 21 million copies worldwide up to 2012. The first game was released on PS2 in 2005 and soon enough gained not only critical acclaim but also popularity amongst gamers. GOW was set on Greek Mythology backdrop which was a unique setting for a game in that time period. The game was built on story of Kratos, the protagonist, who is a Spartan warrior fooled into perishing his own family by Aries, the god of war. Kratos sets out to exact vengeance on Aries and the gods of Olympus with the help of Athena.

The last game in the God of War series came in 2013, titled "Ascension," which was a prequel. The game released for PS3. However, last year, Sony made the full HD re-mastered version available for PS4 as well.

The sales did not look as promising as Sony had expected and the experts wonder if a switch from Greek to Norse mythology will be enough to pump up the interest in the game.

According to Shinobi602, an IGN insider, leaked images from Sony Santa Monica artists suggest that "God of War 4" may still feature Kratos as the lead but in a Viking setup.

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