Kpop News: Exo’s D.O. to cast in the film “With God”

By Lord Justin Castillo - 18 Apr '16 06:58AM

EXO's D.O.  is confirmed to be a part of a new film. His agency SM Entertainment released their statement about the current project of the singer-actor D.O.

"D.O. has been cast as Won Il Byung in the movie 'With God' agency said.

Directed by Kim Yong Hwa "With God" D.O. will be casting as one of the major characters. He will be playing as Lance Corporal Won.

D.O. currently met up with the director to finalize and direct him of his character in the said movie. This is not the first movie that the actor and member of EXO portrayed a role. D.O. first debut his career as an actor in 2014 of the movie "Cart" and continuously cast his potential in acting by his character as a main role in the movie "Pure love" together with the young actress Kim So-hyun.The movie was released in February of this year.

The singer and actor has potentially developed his skills well on acting and is recognized as an "actor idol" because of his skills not only as a singer but as a good actor.

This film will be the fourth film that D.O. will take part.

The movie "With God" is a fantasy film that is based on a webtoon that deals in the afterlife, with the involvement of grim reapers that is interfering in human world. (allkpop)

Actors Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon and Ma Dong Suk are already confirmed to be part of this film.

"With God" reportedly to have a production cost of 10 billion won (~8.7 million USD) and will appear as a blockbuster film. (Soompi)

Many people are wondering how a young idol will be able to appear with a well-produced film, while most confidently believed in the singer and actor's potential.

The movie is said to set on the big screen during the second half of the year.

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