Hallyu (Korean Wave) News: Actor Park Hae Jin generously will donate to a charity in China

By Lord Justin Castillo - 09 Apr '16 10:56AM

Hallyu star Park Hae Jin, without a doubt a very kind and generous person. The actor will donate the profits of his fan meeting to a charity.

In celebration of his 10th anniversary of his debut, the actor will hold a fan meeting on April 23 at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul at 5 pm.

His fan meeting will be broadcasted in a Chinese 'Youko' website wherein the actor will contribute all the earnings to Shanghai Baby's home. It is a private charity home where kids who are suffering from illnesses are aided with proper health care for their fast recovery. The charity also gives an opportunity to their unprivileged kids for adaptation.

Despite his hectic schedule, Park Hae Jin never made excuses for not helping other people. Through his volunteer works and charity activities in China, the actor received "Civic Public Welfare Award" in 2014, which is given to 10 actors who are doing charitable activities in China. He was also delegated as a promotional ambassador for a charity called "Mu Qin Shui Jia".

"It's Park Hae Jin's wish to give back to all the people who needs help whether it be within or outside the country, as an answer to all the love he's received". A representative from Park hae Jin's agency declared.

The fan meeting is free for 4,500 attendees. It is financially supported by himself and his agency (WM Company) as he said, "I do not want to overwhelm my fans." And he will be giving all the proceeds of the event to the said charity.

Park Hae Jin seen lastly on screen from the recent drama "Cheese in the Trap". Be sure to check it out!

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