God of War 4'News and Release Date: This Time, Kratos Might Go Norse

By Kanika Gupta - 08 Apr '16 10:14AM

Shinobi602 is a bit of a self-made expert on video games. Just recently he posted on his Twitter account that "God of War 4" is rumored to be set in Norse Mythology. In this version of the game, Kratos will be portrayed as a Viking and not as a Greek Spartan.

As NerdLeaks started to pry into the rumor, they found some photos by concept artist Finnian MacManus on the website. Although these images were private, they became visible when accessed through the page's source code.

According to the leak, God of War 4 will be based on a protagonist who comes to Asgard and starts killing everyone, or most of the people.

Reports suggest that a new God of War game has been developing from sometime. In fact, in 2014, Cory Barlog from Sony Santa Monica said that there will be a new installment coming out for the hit series.

According to David Jaffe, former director of God of War, that Kratos will take on Norse gods was an idea that has been considered for a while. Norse Mythology settings opens up a lot of new possibilities in terms of enemies and exciting locations that he will explore before reaching Asgard. However, the big question is whether Kratos will take on Thor, a Marvel movies hero.

It does sound like an exciting battle between the two epic heroes and it would be fun to see how his super powerful chain blades hold up against Mjolnir. If Thor will make an appearance in the game, there is a fair chance that Loki and Odin will be a part of it too.

The rumors about a "God of War 4" possibility came up when Sony Santa Monica started hiring new developers. Should this rumor indeed be true, it would be fun to see Kratos battle the God of Thunder in an ultimate boss fight.

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