DC Comics’ News Update: Rebirth Launches New Supermen and Army of Superheroes

By Dipannita - 29 Mar '16 08:21AM

DC Entertainment's comic book initiative Rebirth has been unveiled by the publishers and it proposes redesigning of the characters. New artists and writers have been roped in by the publishers to expand their fan base and strengthen the hold on their readers.

This development is quite remarkable given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out in the theaters and receiving a warm response from the audience. The movie has raised the stature of the two superheroes and thus, it is a little doubtful whether the new characters, proposed in the comic book, will be received in the way the publishers want them to.

Of course, Wonder Woman has been able to carve her niche in the recently released flick, but as of now, she is limited to only one series. The same holds true for Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Her upcoming movie, slated to release next year, might change the case in her favor as Gal Gadot has received widespread praise for her performance and it has raised expectations of the critics as well as the audience.

Meanwhile, the publishers' relaunching of Batman will see the return of Batwoman as well and the duo will train the new generation of crime fighters in Gotham City. Superman will get the most vigorous expansion with the franchise receiving four new characters titled Superman along with a Superwoman, Superboy and come back Supergirl.

The caped Crusader and Superman will also have two more series, featuring the teen sons of the superheroes and showing them as following the footsteps of their daddies. Apart from this, the price of the comics will also witness a drop and some titles will be published twice a month.

This attempt of DC Comics is being seen as a copy of Marvel Comic that has turned solo superheroes into multiple-character franchises. The latter's initiative has borne fruit and the present times are best suited for DC to go for such a ploy as it can capitalize on the success of Batman v Superman.

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