Michael Schumacher Health Status News: Still Recovering from his Accident

By Kanika Gupta - 28 Mar '16 10:57AM

Two years after his ski accident, Michael Schumacher, has been in coma for a few months and with constant media blackouts, there have been increased speculations about this former Ferrari driver's real condition.

So far, the family continues to stay tight lipped about Schumacher's condition. Not much has been said or written about his "progress." The family of seven time F1 champion decides to keep the real information about his condition to themselves. However, if the latest updates are to be believed, the 47-year-old German is showing signs of progress, albeit slow.

According to an article, Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm revealed in May 2015 in a German publication that he was "making progress." However, she also added that "fans should always keep the seriousness of the injury in mind."

Following this news, statements from FIA president Jean Todt and Schumi said, "still fighting." Former Mercedes and Ferrari top boss, Ross Brown, also said, "hope has not been exhausted."

In a German exhibit extolling the wonderful career of Michael Schumacher, Kehm seemed hopeful. "One day he will be back with us," Kehm stated during the event. Support and love of fans, friends and colleagues have offered continued encouragement to the German F1 champion. Even Pope Francis offered a prayer and blessings for Schumacher when he recently visited the F1 headquarters.

Phillippe Bianchi, father of Jules Bianchi who died after being in coma due to an accident in 2015 Japanese Grand Prix, offered his support to Schumacher. He said, "We unfortunately experienced a painful tragedy as well and like use the family showed their strength and never let go of Michael. For what I can say, it is not to let go, for as long as Michael is there, he fights."

Since the media blackout of Schumacher, there have been several reports about his health conditions that are proven false. Kehm insisted that any official updates about Michael's health and recovery will either come from her or the family.

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