'House Of Cards' Season 5 Release Date: Season Finale Rumored to Premiere in March 2017?

By Kamal Nayan - 15 Mar '16 00:47AM

House of Cards Season 5 could be the finale and is rumored to premiere in March 2017, according to new rumors. It's only a few weeks since "House of Cards" 4 launch and fans have already begun clamoring for the next season.

The very first season of the show launched back on Feb. 1 2013 while season 2 was released on Feb. 14 2014. Season 3 was launched at even later date, premiering on Feb. 27 while the most recent season, season 4, was pushed as far back as March 4, Christian Today writes.

 If the Netflix follows the similar release cycle, the season 5 could premiere in early 2017. However this is just a speculation as the studio may announce an entirely different release date.

Regardless of its release date one of the most persistent rumors regarding season 5 is that it may be the show's last. Given that "House of Cards" is based on a UK series and novels of the same name, the eventual end is already drawing near and Netflix can only stretch the story so far before reaching the inevitable end, Christian Today added.

According to Bustle, "House of Cards" has had a noticeable pattern of premiere dates. New seasons always debut on a Friday and almost always exactly a year and two weeks after the premiere of the season before it. Should this pattern be continued, season 5 could then premiere either on March 10 or March 17, 2017.

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