The Flash Season 2 Episode 16 Spoilers: New Trailer Released, Jay Garrick The Man Behind Zoom

By Kamal Nayan - 14 Mar '16 12:14PM

In the latest promotional trailer for the upcoming three episodes of The Flash Season 2, Flash is seen dealing with Zoom.

The trailer shows Earth-2 Barry talking to Earth-1 Barry before going head-to-head with Zoom. Earth-2 Barry is seen saying, "Today, I did things that I've never thought possible. Now if I can do the impossible, so can you. Because I'm just Barry Allen, but you're the Flash," Christian Post reported.

In the upcoming episodes it is expected that the Flash 2 will come back with interesting twist and turns. The flash season 1 story line made everyone to raise eyebrows now the Flash season 2 spoilers is all set to grab eyeballs.

The season 2 trailer aired had revealed some thrilling information about the forthcoming series, and now it's time to witness them.

However, it's a shock for fans to know that Jay Garrick is Zoom. So, Barry had to rush to Earth 2 to get rid of Zoom forever. According to the official synopsis, Barry is more determined and desperate to find a way out to increase his speed in order to get back to Earth 2 in time and masquerade himself as early.

The story summary reveals that Barry will learn from Dr Harrison/Eobard Thawne to run faster; however, things does not seem to work, so Barry will end facing his enemies Hartley rathaway and his old friend Eddie Thawne.

We would not know that how far Barry will go, but it's believed that he will join hands with Iris who was engaged with Eddie. Eddie who made a sacrifice will return in this series to continue the triangular love.

"The Flash" season 2 airs on The CW every Tuesday nights.

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