Mark Zuckerberg Will Make Livestreaming A Top Priority On Facebook

By Jenn Loro - 28 Feb '16 15:42PM

Facebook Exec Mark Zuckerberg appears to be 'obsessed' with livestreaming- an important step toward the social network's involvement in shaping the future of social media video broadcast. Currently, he's putting enormous amount of resources in building Facebook's Live product which enables users to live broadcast their videos to families and friends.

"Live video is one of the things I am most excited about because it's so raw and so visceral. It gives people to express what's going on in their life now, what they care about, without having to feel like it's some super curated thing and I think that's going to be very powerful," said Zuckerberg admitting his obsession to live video in his Berlin town hall as quoted by USA Today.

Compared with Twitter's Periscope, Facebook's Live is integrated within its main app in order to help users make use of their existing audience inside the News Feed as reported by Recode. Such strategy is more far-reaching than having a mere standalone app that Twitter has.

For quite some time, Facebook has been trying to keep its more than a billion users glued to its ecosystem by integrating various aspects of social media activities especially video. Apart from livestreaming, Facebook also intends to carve a sizeable market share in the TV industry as well as directly challenging YouTube by offering an alternative platform for branded online content as reported by Vanity Fair.

To make content watching even more exciting, Facebook will continue enhancing its virtual reality technology to give users a 'fully immersive' 360 VR media experience with its prized Oculus headgear. With Facebook's video offering, 8 million views and counting per day isn't bad. As the world's largest social network, it has the resources and large customer base to experiment bold 'out-of-this-world' social media experience as reported by The Sociable.

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