iPhone 7 Sketches Gives Hints That New Model Is Waterproof

By Jenn Loro - 10 Feb '16 09:56AM

Apple will unveil its hotly anticipated iPhone 7 seven months from now. But concept renders (sketches of its potential design) have been churning at full throttle across rumor-fueled tech review sites.

According to a report by Tech Times picked up from Business Korea, the latest iPhone concept sketch shows a gadget imbued with a ceramic back and waterproof-designed body and fitted with Super AMOLED screen.

The transition to AMOLED panel might come as a surprising change considering that Apple is not expected to make the shift this early as mentioned in an article by MobiPicker.

If the imagined designed is accurate, a waterproofed iPhone 7 would rival Samsung's Galaxy S7 series rumored to be fitted with water resistant features as well. Also, fans may be excited at other exciting modifications such as a boosted Touch ID, lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, new chic metal frame, a ceramic-based body, fast charging, and absence of the unsightly antenna bands according to a Tech Rez blog post.

Another eye-catching and technologically delicious concept render by designer Herman Haidin leaves many iPhone fans thrilled. As featured in The Week, Haidin's imagined iPhone 7 includes a sleek liquid metal waterproof design, 5-inch display, a little bit fanciful 3mm thickness, full screen gaming, and wireless charging.

Overall, the imaginative concept sketches are somewhat based on rumors within the realm of possibilities.

Since all foregoing reports are mostly based on unconfirmed rumors, it is best to take each speculative update with a grain of salt.

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