Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Relationship Updates: Songstress Rumored To Still Communicate With Ex Jake Gyllenhaal While Planning To Move In With Scottish DJ

By Maria Slither - 14 Nov '15 13:55PM

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have been rumored to take their relationship to a new level and move in as couple, however, a recent rumor said the songstress may not have completely gotten over with one of her exes and thus cannot move forward with the Scottish DJ.

In a report from Star Magazine via Classicalite, a source said that the Wildest Dreams singer has been texting with her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal since summer this year.

"In June, Jake ran into [her pal] Cara Delevingne at The Graham Norton Show and asked for Taylor's new number...He said he owed Taylor an apology for how things ended between them. They've kept in touch, albeit secretly, ever since," the source said.

Tay and Jake were dating back in 2010 before they finally broke up on December 2010. However, the songstress has moved on since then and have been dating with Calvin Harris since February this year.

 However, a source from Hollywood Life via Life and Style Weekly said that Tay's cheating rumor is not true is just another way to tear her apart from the DJ.

"That is complete nonsense of her being in contact with Jake. She is devoted to Calvin [Harris] and her career which are both going strong. She is not seeking anything from past boyfriends at all. She doesn't talk to Jake."

People want them to break up but Calvin and Taylor are looking forward to the holidays and all that comes with that," the source said.

Amidst cheating rumors, an onlooker saw the British musician carrying a very pricey home décor, an Aladdin-style rug in Los Angeles which propagated rumors that he is busy decorating a new place where he and his superstar girlfriend will move in, The Inquisitr said.

The publication also said that the DJ may finally, pop the big question and present the $1.4 M worth diamond ring he previously bought specially made for Taylor.

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