Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Divorce Rumors: Actress Searches For New Place In Cambodia In Preparing For Final Split From Husband

By Maria Slither - 27 Oct '15 12:34PM

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, will their marriage survive for another year? Recently, it was rumored that the actress is scouting for a new place in Cambodia, not just for her recent documentary film Thy Killed My Father, but in preparation for her final divorce from the World War Z star.

In a report from Classicalite, it was said that the 40-year old actress packed her bags and went to Cambodia to look for a new place there.

This is not the first time that divorce rumors surround Angie and Brad's marriage. Last year, they were rumored to have a heated argument in a hotel balcony in Sydney and after that, things have been different between the two of them.

"Brad and Angelina have been living separate lives and now she has made the first more to leave. They're both so fed up with each other that they were almost relieved as she packed up."

"Basically, Angie said, 'I'll see you when I see you.' And Brad answered with a cold, 'Yeah, good bye,'" a source said.

Earlier this month, the By The Sea actress is also said to be very jealous with Brad Pitt's co-star Sienna Miller in his recent movie project, Lost City of Z, where he acted as director.

The rumor mills said that Anj is prohibiting Brad from visiting the movie set in England fearing that the actor and Miller will have a chance to be together, Movie News Guide reported.

Anj's suspicion heightened when the 54-year old actor is said to be mentioning about his blonde co-star every day.

"Angelina has heard Brad bring up Siennas name almost every day since the film went into production in August."

Meanwhile, the actress talks about her collaboration with her husband in the movie, By The Sea saying that despite her busy schedule, she makes sure to spend time with her kids, Business Standard said.

"I schedule individual time with each of the kids like a crazy person," she said in an interview.

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