James Bond Spectre Update: Sam Smith Has To Grab His Balls In Singing Movie Theme

By Maria Slither - 27 Oct '15 11:56AM

James Bond singer, Sam Smith talks about his insecurities in co-writing and performing 'Writings on the Wall' for the iconic 007 movie, Spectre.

"I've only actually sung the song once, really. Because I did the demo in the studio, and they used that. It is horrible to sing. Horrible. I almost regret - no, I don't regret... It's just so high. I have to grab my balls; it's awful," the British singer said in one of their movie promotions at the Graham Norton Show on Friday, October 23 as mentioned in Just Jared.

The Grammy awardee further said that the song, apart from the revisions that it has been, need more tweaking as the lyrics still sound 'vulnerable' and 'emotional' for the legendary detective's character, NME said.

The 23-year old actor who was caught tying his shoelaces in the red carpet of Spectre's world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall said that he is proud to be part of the Bond tradition.

In an interview with David Williams for the Mirror, Sam said that he is thrilled to meet one of his idols, legendary singer, Shirley Bassey.

"I'm going to bow if I see her. She's everything."

In a separate interview with NME, the soul singer admitted not to have been very knowledgeable about the movie franchise but in the end, revealed Sean Connery and Roger Moore as his favorite Bond actors.

"[Daniel Craig] was my favourite initially, because I'm 23 years old. I hadn't seen all the old movies, and I loved how modern his take on Bond was. But when I went back and watched them all, I realised that it's Connery and Moore who I love the most," he said.

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