The Duggar Family Latest Update: Jessa Seewald Celebrates Pregnancy With Co-Ed Baby Shower

By Maria Slither - 22 Oct '15 12:10PM

Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald threw an untraditional baby shower at the Holland Barn in Highfill, Arkansas on October 15, Thursday as the reality TV star's delivery date draws near.

Unlike any other Duggar family showers before, Jessa and Ben's baby shower has 100 male and female guests, 10 of those were Ben's male friends, Ok! Magazine said.

The 'guy-friendly', 'family style' party is Ben's idea as he was excited about it since then.

"Ever since her sister Jill's shower, Ben's talked about a 'guy-friendly' shower. This wasn't just for the ladies!" a source said.

Since the baby's gender is not known yet, visitors had also given gender-friendly gifts with Jessa's sister, Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dilliard giving her a crib bedding set.

Also the served drinks, pink lemonade and blue Hawaiian Punch, are intended to represent both male and female genders.

The Duggars shared photos on their Tumbler via Mail Online showing Jessa wearing a grey skirt and printed top with lemon yellow cardigan. She and Ben are surrounded by other members of the clan.

According to the publication, visitors enjoyed activities such as diaper-changing challenge for the women and a milk-drinking competition for the men with the 22-year old mother-to-be winning the competition!

'They had a contest for the ladies in which they had to close their eyes and race to change a diaper on a baby doll," an insider said.

Ben also came up with a game challenging his friends to come up with the best baby food.

Guests enjoyed snacks consisting of hot dogs, a pumpkin-themed dessert bar with 'amazing pumpkin cake balls' as well as pumpkin and pecan pies.

Later on, the guests gathered around the couple as they blessed them with prayers. Each of the guests were also asked to utter or write a prayer especially for Jessa and her incoming baby.

Meanwhile, Jessa might be alone in delivering her firstborn child on November 1 as Jill and Derick Dilliard have already returned to Central America.

However, Fashionstyle said that the mother-to-be should not worry as the Duggars, who are 'really into midwifery' will likely have a replacement in Jill's absence.

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