Surface Pro 4 Release Date Rumors: Microsoft Planning An October 4 Release For Revamped Tablet

By Peter R - 17 Aug '15 15:55PM

Is Surface Pro 4 set for an October 4 release? Rumors suggest that Microsoft will release the tablet sooner than later.

According to Tech Times, an October 4 release for Surface Pro 4 came to the fore following a tweet from technologist Tom Warrner who earlier revealed details about the new Surface tablet. He asked his followers and users to wait until October 4 for Surface Pro 4. He also said that Microsoft may not be releasing the new tablet with a USB Type-C port. Instead users will have to make do with USB 3.0 or USB 3.1.

 IB Times reports that Surface Pro 4 tablets will feature new Intel Skylake chips. They will also feature larger displays, would be thinner and lighter than Surface Pro 3 tablets. However the new tablet will be compatible with Surface Pro 3 docking station.

If rumors are any indication, Surface Pro 4 will be available in 12-inch and 14-inch variants with varying RAM capacities. The high-end models will feature as much as 1 TB in storage with as much as 16 GB of RAM.

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