Alcohol Consumption in Straight Glasses Can Combat Binge Drinking: Study

By Peter R - 11 May '15 11:06AM

Drinking from straight glasses with volume markers can lower alcohol consumption, a new study from the UK reveals.

Researchers at University of Bristol found that people drinking from straight glasses drank less alcohol compared to people drinking from curved glasses, confirming earlier laboratory findings that straight glasses slowed consumption. The findings were made based on data obtained from three public houses. More importantly, the study suggested that glasses with volume markers helped lower consumption.

"Excessive alcohol use is a major public health concern and there is a lot of interest in alcohol control strategies. It is important to determine what environmental factors are contributing to excessive use and how they can be altered to nudge drinkers towards more responsible consumption," said David Troy, a PhD student at the university.

Around 160 participants split in two groups were selected for the study. One group was given beer in glasses with no markings while the other group was served in glasses with measurement markers showing quarter, half and three-quarters. The group with markings had an average drinking time of 10.3 minutes compared to 9.1 minutes of the first group.

"The speed at which beer is drunk can have a direct effect on the level of intoxication experienced. This can also increase how much is consumed in a single drinking session. While many people drink alcohol responsibly, it is not difficult to have 'one too many' and become intoxicated," said the study's senior researcher Angela Attwood.

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