Jessa Duggar, 19 Kids And Counting Star, Is Pregnant; Expecting To Have Twins Or More

By Maria Slither - 23 Apr '15 08:06AM

Jessa Duggar, from the American reality TV series 19 Kids And Counting, announced that she is pregnant with husband Ben Seewald on Tuesday. On a more exciting note, the new couple is happy to receive twins or more in the first pregnancy.

According to E! Online, the video clip announcing the star's pregnancy was released by TLC. It opened up with the newly-weds making smoothis.

"You know, pretty soon we'll be making another little smoothie," the 22-year old actress said.

"Yeah. Maybe more than one!" the 19-year old Ben Seewald said while holding a baby bottle.

"You never know," answers Jessa giggling.

Then came the official announcement with the reality TV star saying, "We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a baby!"

In a separate report from People, Duggar jokingly told the news outlet that she will be happy to conceive more than one baby.

 "...hoping it's triplets because I have been eating so much!" the actress exclaimed.

She further shared difficulties with food preferences and uncomfortable body changes now that she is pregnant.

"During the stages of morning sickness, keeping something in my stomach kept me from being sick. If I kept something in my stomach, I would be way less nauseous."

The actress' discomfort during those 'rough' days is said to have been alleviated from Ben's supportive nature.

"Ben was so sweet - 'How can I help you? What can I get you to snack on?' ... He's so sweet. Always waiting on me hand and foot," she shared.

Meanwhile, the newly-weds shared a snap on Instagram showing one of their romantic moments while they were on a honeymoon in Europe, US Magazine said.

The photo posted under the username jesssasewald has a caption saying, "Remembering back to our wonderful honeymoon! -- with @ben_seewald in #Venice."

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