Serial Bride With 10 Husbands Admits She Marries to Help Beaus Get US Citizenship

By Maria Slither - 14 Apr '15 13:37PM

A Bronx woman named Liana Barrientos plead herself not guilty amidst felony and fraud charges filed at her for marrying ten husbands without getting a divorce in any of them, Fox News Insider said.

Dubbed as the 'serial bride', Barrientos is said to have married ten times in a span of eleven years with men who are mostly foreign nationals speculated to be marrying her so that they can apply for US citizenship.

Records said that the 39-year old woman has filed marriage licenses all over New York with her first marriage in 1999. In separate records, it was found out she married six times in 2002 and her most recent marriage is recorded to have taken place in 2010.

According to NDTV, authorities have now been concerned with the entry of Barrientos' husbands in the country as most of them came from 'red flag' countries that may have links with terrorism.

"The concern here is that these men are individuals from 'red flag' countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Georgia and Pakistan," an assistant district attorney, Jessica Lupo said in a statement.

National security expert Manny Gomez also thinks that the act is a huge breach of national security that must be addressed immediately.

This is a huge breach in security. If someone could remarry 10 times without bringing it to the attention of the authorities, potentially an al-Qaeda plant could come in, marry this woman and be in this country illegally, plotting, recruiting, perhaps even executing a terrorist attack," he said.

On Friday, it was found out that most of these men paid her cash after the marriage and immediately file for citizenship or a divorce. Later on, they will marry other wives.

Aside from the recent fraud charges, Liana Barrientos also have previous records of being convicted for drugs and theft, Yahoo News said.

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