Lindsay Lohan Latest Update: Waning Actress to Call Cops on Mom for Stealing Her Clothes

By Maria Slither - 14 Apr '15 13:41PM

Lindsay Lohan is recently involved with a serious feud with her mom Dina Lohan as the latter is alleged to take hold of the actress' pricey belongings and sell it online and to her nearby friends.

In a report from TMZ, it was learned that Dina is 'unloading' her daughter's things which include expensive clothing, furniture and artworks among others and advertised them in an online flea market. Also, Dina also did direct selling of these things to friends without the actress' permission.

As an attempt to stop her mom from selling her things, the Mean Girls star is considering to seek help from the police in case her mother would not stop the sale.

"Lindsay is urgently trying to get friends to go scoop up her loot before it's all gone -- but if that doesn't work ... we're told she'll get police involved," TMZ said.

The millions-worth stockpile is said to be moved to Dina's house during the Oprah docuseries, "Lindsay". However, the actress insisted that she never transferred the rights of ownership to her Dina who thinks she has the right to sell everything that her daughter has left behind.

"As for Dina's motivation -- we're told she thinks anything left behind in HER garage ... is hers to sell. Linds thinks Dina's just desperate to pay bills."

The mother and daughter also have some other unsettled issues that further fired up Lindsay's rage as Dina is said to be negotiating with Celebrity Big Brother UK edition. Her daughter is said not to have approved of her move to be a part of the show.

However, as reported by Mail Online, Dina's rep denied such statement saying it is entirely false and her client, Dina "is not in negotiations with the show at all."

Dina's coming to the UK is said to have met previous disagreement from her daughter telling Dina "she has no right" to come and live near her.

As cited in a report from HNGN said, a source from TMZ said: "[Lindsay] flipped out and began screaming at her mom, saying she had no right to come to England, where Lindsay went to escape," TMZ reported. "They fought on the phone and then fired angry texts back and forth. Lindsay doesn't want Dina in England, partly because she feels her mom is a bad influence and partly because she's just bad luck. Lindsay says she's doing well and doesn't want it screwed up."

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