New Emojis: iOS 8.3 Brings 300 New Multicultural Smileys

By Kamal Nayan - 09 Apr '15 14:35PM

Apple recently released iOS 8.3 which comes with hundreds of new racially diverse emojis. The company has included a range of new skin tones that will better reflect the various races of people across the globe.

Emojis that have various skin tones will pop up upon tapping. Those which don't have any variation will be applied as usual.

The new update has also diversified the sports emojis. Emojis for the various new flags (32 countries) have been added as well.

Other than these, in the Objects and Symbols sections new emojis of Apple Watch and iPhones have been added.

Apart from emojis, the iOS 8.3 also boasts bug fixes to CarPlay, the Messages app, WiFi and Bluetooth, among others.

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