College Student Googled His Math Teacher; Gets Amazed He's Also A Fashion Model

By Maria Slither - 30 Mar '15 10:35AM

Arief Azli, a college student from the University College of London, had been observing his new Math teacher and had always admired his super attractive, masculine physique. He googled the lecturer's profile and was amazed that he is not only a teacher but also a fashion model.

According to People, Azli shared his discovery on Facebook by juxtaposing a photo of Pietro Boselli while busy teaching in class and another photo that looks like he is in a photo shoot exposing toned abs.

The photo is captioned saying, "That moment when you realized your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model,"

He further put hashtags in it which wrote, "#OnlyatUCL" and "#Bromance."

More students got interested with this enigmatic Math teacher and started their own online research further sharing photos in class.

 According to E! Online, Boselli shared his other life being a model in Instagram revealing that he bagged the title European Fitness Model Champion in 2014. He also accepts modelling jobs at Models1.

And to complete it all, Boselli also has a PhD in Engineering.

Further, his Instagram photos revealed that the Math lecturer-model is addicted to fitness and has posted several photos bearing his hot body while working out at the gym.

In one of the photos, Boselli took a selfie of his handsome face with chiseled cheekbones, well-kempt hair and alluring eyes. He captioned it saying, "Post workout selfie" which garnered at least 7,000 likes.

Cosmopolitan further posted pictures of the teacher-model that has earned millions of likes from his followers.

In one photo, Boselli took a selfie while wearing a casual gray shirt and faded blue jeans. "Heck let's go crazy and post two pictures this Friday night," it said.

The picture received around 10.2 million likes.

A summer photo of himself with his hot abs while he is at the beach has also received around ten million likes.

"My mum took this random pic last summer ! I'm like: mum what r u doin r u taking a pic?!

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