Coffee can Cut Liver Cancer Risk Which Spikes with Three Drinks a Day

By Peter R - 28 Mar '15 09:49AM

Three drinks or 45 grams of alcohol is the tipping point for liver cancer, a new study has concluded.

The research exercise which made the conclusions was based on data from 8.2 million adults worldwide, obtained through 34 studies. Published by World Cancer Research Fund International, the new report claims that intake of more than three glasses of alcohol upped the risk of liver but drinking a cup of coffee cut that risk. Liver Cancer kills about 25,000 in US ever year.

The study also associated increased risk of liver cancer with foods contaminated by aflatoxins. It was also claimed that there is limited evidence for exercise and fish consumption decreasing risk of liver cancer.

Coffee has been show shown to reduce or prevent expression of genes associated with inflammatory responses. The study noted that such effects were pronounced in liver. Coffee's cancer prevention traits are also attributed to its DNA repair abilities.

"The evidence for coffee was generally consistent, and the dose-response meta-analysis showed a significant decreased risk of liver cancer per one cup per day. This was consistent with findings from three published meta-analyses. When stratified by sex, the association was significant for men but not for women," researchers wrote in the report.

Researchers also spoke of higher risk in obese people and recommended limiting alcohol consumption to two glasses a day.

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