7 in 10 Women Fake Orgasms- A Third Just Want Sex to End

By Maria Slither - 27 Mar '15 13:22PM

A recent survey by Cosmopolitan revealed that not all moans and groans are signs that females are enjoying the sex and had actually achieved orgasm.

A report from Mail Online said that the survey found out that 67% of the women respondents have faked the orgasm. Most reasons of these women include the fear or hesitation to cause hurt to their partner's feelings which accounts for (28 percent of the survey). Also 27% of the women said that they just want to get over the session.

Further, as to whether their partners are being sensitive with their needs, 72% said that their partners have climaxed but never helped them in return to achieve the same. Despite this, 78% still said that their partners cared about how they feel in bed and would want to please them.

Ninety-five percent also said that their partners achieve orgasm every time they have sex.

Huffington Post said that Cosmopolitan conducted the study through an online poll asking 2,300 women with ages 18-40 about their feelings and opinions about female orgasm.

The poll continued by revealing that 50% of the women feel that they are 'almost there' in achieving the Big O but unable to 'quite get over the edge'. Some 35% also said that their partners are not getting the right kind of stimulation

Some 32% of women involved in the survey also cared so much about how they look when they orgasm thus cannot concentrate anymore in achieving it.

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr Janet Hall previously explained that woman's needs during sexual intercourse are more often understood, as reported in Mirror.

"Everybody assumes that a woman can have an orgasm, but it's more rare through penetration. Only 20 to 30 percent of women have orgasm with intercourse, which may mean that 70 percent of women may be feeling pressure to fake," she said.

Hall further advised women to be open with their partners and take the lead.

"Fess up as soon as you can, then you are on the same playing field. Don't expect that your partner is ever going to give you an orgasm unless you teach him how."

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