'Naruto Shippuden' Episode 484 & 485 Latest Spoilers, Release Date, News & Update: Sasuke Faces Battles Along The Way, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 01 Dec '16 17:45PM

"Naruto Shippuden" is set to focus on Sasuke's story on the next episodes. It is also hinted that there are new enemies coming in once the new episodes of the animated series kicks in.

'Book of Sunrise: The Detonating Man' is the title for Episode 484 of "Naruto Shippuden." The upcoming episode features Kakashi. He is rumored to be the new Hokage of Konoha. In this episode he commands Sasuke to look into the Land of Lightning.

There are also hints that Uchiha is going to meet up with Dark Thunder. Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 is going to explore more on Sasuke's story. As the story moves along there are new characters coming in to the animated series.

Sasuke is going to seek the hideout of Orochimaru in "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 485. As Sasuke tries to investigate about the location of Orochimaru, he is given a challenge by Oyashiru. The deal is to fight a battle at the Coliseum. If he wins he gets to have the details of Orochimaru's whereabouts.

There are rumors that the Baruto arc is going to be released a little while because of the two stories that are going to be released first. "Naruto Shippuden" is most likely to go into the deatails of Sasuke and how he came about.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is set to face more foes in "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 484 and 485. As he travels his way through he gets to be challenged even more. There are battles along the way that Sasuke needs to deal with.

It is rumored that Sasuke will have a battle with Karyu in "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 484. As the two fight Karyu attacks Sasuke with his famous Lava Relese Attack. Sasuke on the other hand attacks Karyu using his chidori. This is when Karyu gets stabbed by Sasuke.

These rumors for the arc in "Naruto Shippuden" will be answered once the animated series resumes. Episode 485 of the animated series airs on December 8, 2016.

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