Japan's $173 Million AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure Supercomputer Will Beat China and USA's Supercomputers By 2018; Revelead Here!

By Carl Anthony - 01 Dec '16 19:29PM

Japan has now reported its plan to be on top of the international supercomputer by building the world's fastest supercomputer that they announced will be fully functional by 2018. Currently, China holds the world's supercomputer named Sunway TaihuLight which have Electronic brands of 93 petaflops. China and USA, at the moment, are the two countries that dominate building supercomputers. The Sunway TaihuLight-93 petaflop (China), the Tianhe-2-34 petaflop (China, see photo), Cray Titan XK7 (US)-24 petaflop, are currently the three top-ranking supercomputers in the world.

Meanwhile, China and the USA will be the countries to defeat when in comes to building supercomputers. They claim to have 171 systems each in the recent rankings, followed by Germany (32), Japan (27), France (20), and UK (17). Reuters reported that Japan plans to spend $173 million to build a machine that could calculate 130 quadrillion calculations per second or 130 petaflops. This supercomputer will beat out China's number one Sunway TaihuLight.

The Japanese government will keep pursuing its main goal to make Japan the world leader in the field of technology again. The supercomputer will be used to make advancements in AI, to give Japans tech builders a massive increase in terms of the research they're capable of, and the classification of products they can generate.

Japan will be naming the project as AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure or ABCI. They are still looking for bids from the producers who they think that could help them build the said supercomputer.

The director general of Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Satoshi Sekiguchi, quoted that "As far as we know, there is nothing out there that is as fast," reported by news site.

Earlier this year, Nvidia revealed their DGX-1 supercomputer, which the founder claimed as the world's first deep-learning supercomputer. The machine is equipped with 17 petaflops that could help some universities and hospitals with their AI research.

Japan by 2018, will have a machine that has the processing power that will help organizations that are aiming at driverless cars, medical diagnostics, and robotics.


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