‘Sherri Papini’ Branded Abduction Updates : Kidnapping A Hoax? Husband Reveals More Details About Her Condition

By Jeff Thompson - 01 Dec '16 20:20PM

It has shocked everyone the way California woman, Sherri Papini abducted by 2 Hispanic women kidnappers and kept her locked for 22 days. She has gone through intense torture and branded in the custody. Now, Sherri Papini is in the hospital and her husband, Keith Papini couldn't control himself while he saw her but many doubted the possibility of a hoax.

The husband of Sherri Papini confirmed that he found the wife in the hospital bed with scars on the body due to beatings, burns, chain markings, red rashes and found to extremely weak. It is reported that Sherri Papini's body weight has come down beyond 40 kg. She was also branded on the body but there is no clear information whether it is carrying some specific information or not. Also, her nose bridge broken and hair chopped by the abductors.

The horrific incident happened to Sherri Papini has created wide anger as well as confusion to many people. People are furious with the incident considering the few similar types of kidnapping happened before as well. The Ariel Castro kidnappings which saw the victims were under hostage by Perpetrator for almost 10 years, but finally rescued in 2013.

But, some people responded that the whole incident of abduction could be a hoax. They think that there are missing links in the narrated story of Sherri Papini. Especially when there is no concrete motive behind the abduction as she was released by kidnappers after days of torture. Sherri Papini's phone was found to be neatly placed near Mountain Gate trail, which is about 1.5 km from her residence. Some believe that if it purposely placed there, then she would have abducted from somewhere else than she described.

The sheriff's office have confirmed that it will provide the updated information from time to time regarding the Sherri Papini abducted and branded case. Considering the fact that some people raised doubts of a possible hoax, the investigators are under heavy pressure and if there are any new developments regarding Sherri Papini case, it will immediately be reported to news media.

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