Paul George News & Update: Give Chance To Paul George In Getting The NBA Title This Season

By Micheal Saluna - 18 Oct '16 22:56PM

The NBA regular season is about to unfold but some teams are still looking for someone that could fit into their rosters like the small forward Paul George. It is being said that Boston Celtics and OKC Thunder are very interested in trading him from the Pacer's good hands. He can be a perfect replacement for Kevin Durant along with Russell Westbrook. On the other hand, Celtics is having the luxury in exchange for a high caliber player like him.

After losing their superstar Kevin Durant, OKC Thunder is now trying to rebuild their team by acquiring someone from the Indiana Pacers. One of their targets is Paul George who is one of the best small forwards that can compete along with Westbrook's team.

Another spot of the Thunder is the power forward Danilo Gallinari from the Denver Nuggets, iSports Times reported. They really need a superstar to for the sake of Westbrook before the trading market is totally closed.

It is being said that Boston Celtics is also interested in getting Paul George in order to contend the top teams in the league. He will be playing the role of Brown and Crowder who have left the team, according to HNGN.

Both of the teams believe that having Paul George, they will become one of the contenders on this 2017 regular season. However, it is unclear if the Indiana Pacer is willing to trade their weapon after knowing that they are one of the best teams in the east today.

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