Google Pixel Specs, Review, Updates: Is Google's First Smartphone Worth The Wait?

By Jaswin Singh - 18 Oct '16 23:03PM

Google has released its first ever Smartphone, and it is amazing. The Google Pixel is the first ever Smartphone where Google made its hardware and software and everything about it.

Everything that is in Google will be on your Google Pixel. According to Wired, Google Pixel is a bit better than iPhone. It is very much like iPhone with the outer surface but it has its advantages, and Google Assistant is far better than Siri. They also said that Google Pixel is every traveler's best friend as it is very helpful when traveling. Google apps like the maps and trips, especially the Project Fi.

CNET has shared some tips as to how to use Google Pixel better. They have shared some secrets how to use the apps of Google Pixel better. Like, for example, with the Google Assistant, you can customize as to where and from whom you want to get news from. Also, another example is enabling 4k for your photos and videos. Since Google Pixel lets user store as many and as big photos and videos, users should allow it. They should set up Google Photos first before doing so.

However, Wall Street Journal's writer has a different opinion. They have compared most specs of the two phones and though Google Pixel has many advantages like with the quality of the photos and battery life. It also lost some factors to iPhone like the water resistance part; Google Pixel is not waterproof unlike most phones nowadays. Another part people do not like about the Google Pixel is that it will access your every information available on Google. However, that part will be helpful when it comes to Google Assistant, so it is fine.

The price of Google phone is $650 for the 5-inch Pixel and $770 for the 5.5-inch Pixel XL. Many people have been waiting for an iPhone that is run by Android, and here it is.

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