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Instagram Just Got a Huge Makeover and Change of Logo Design

By Jenn Loro - May 12, 2016 11:05 AM EDT

Facebook-owned Instagram has decidedly rolled out a logo design makeover sporting a warm brightly colored look that is now in line with the current flat design trend across the digital sector. From Instagram’s perspective, the change is necessary as it tries to improve not just the aesthetic component of the icon and interface design but also the app’s overall functionality.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, News and Rumors: Smartphone Will Have Blackberry-like Interface

By Jenn Loro - May 11, 2016 09:57 AM EDT

Samsung is reportedly introducing a Blackberry-inspired and Hub-like feature that integrates individual calendar and email apps under one roof called Samsung Focus. The new centralized communications service feature is expected to be released alongside the slated July 1 launching of Galaxy Note 6.

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Human-Like Gestures Enhance Robotic Communication With Humans

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 05, 2016 09:44 AM EDT

Programming robots to show actions while speaking may help humans to understand them better when they interact with robots.

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