Breast cancer

Sitting Boosts Cancer Risk In Women, Study

By Peter R - Jul 15, 2015 08:52 AM EDT

Every hour of additional sitting in leisure can up a woman's risk of cancers including those of breast, ovaries and the bone marrow.


How Old Is Your Body? Biological Age Differs Widely From Chronological Age

By Peter R - Jul 09, 2015 02:26 PM EDT

The 12-year study used data from the larger Dunedin study that has been tracking individuals born in New Zealand during 1972-73.


Mammograms Can Over-Diagnose Breast Cancer

By Peter R - Jul 09, 2015 01:49 PM EDT

Mammograms do not help cut rates but can detect small tumors and may put women through unwarranted treatment.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to Young Girl Battling Cancer

By Cheri Cheng - Jul 08, 2015 03:28 PM EDT

Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to her 11-year-old fan, Naomi Oakes who is battling cancer.


More Obese Americans Today Than Overweight Adults, Study Warns

By Peter R - Jun 23, 2015 08:53 AM EDT

The study by researchers at University of Washington in St. Louis estimated higher rates of obesity compared to 1999.


Def Leppard Guitarist Vivian Campbell Pulls Out From Tour For A New Cancer Diagnosis

By Maria Slither - Jun 22, 2015 01:25 PM EDT

Def Leppard guitarist is battling with cancer and thus cannot join in some of their summer tour dates.


Want to decrease your risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease??

By Dustin M Braden - Jun 19, 2015 08:06 PM EDT

According to a new study, reducing your calorie intake by half for five days in row every month can decrease your risk of getting cancer, diabetes and heart disease, Daily Mail reported.

puberty, tampon, period

Puberty Age Predicts Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease in New Study

By Cheri Cheng - Jun 18, 2015 11:54 AM EDT

Puberty age can affect people's risk of developing several diseases, ranging from diabetes to cancer, a new study reported.


Tommy Chong Cancer Update: Comedian Smoking Pot and Undergoing Treatment for Rectal Tumor

By Maria Slither - Jun 18, 2015 09:22 AM EDT

Comedian Tommy Chong is again diagnosed for another kind of cancer this year.


Avocado Fats Could Treat Blood Cancers

By Peter R - Jun 18, 2015 02:13 AM EDT

The extract Avocatin B showed high potency in killing AML cancer stem cells without damaging healthy cells.


Brain Cancers Achilles’ Heel Is A Protein

By Peter R - Jun 14, 2015 05:12 PM EDT

Regulating the protein CDC20 can restrict brain growth by as much as 95 percent.


Peanuts Cut Mortality Risk. Peanut Butter Does Not

By Peter R - Jun 12, 2015 08:13 AM EDT

A new study showed that peanut and other tree nuts can lower risk of death from several conditions including cancers but peanut butter does not offer the same benefits.


VirScan Blood Test Can Reveal Viral Infections History During Lifetime

By Peter R - Jun 05, 2015 03:26 PM EDT

With just a single drop of blood it is possible to know the entire list of viruses that infected a person up until the moment of testing.

Working on feet

Standing Through Work Four Hours A Day Reduces Risk Of Obesity, Cancer And Diabetes, Study

By R. Siva Kumar - Jun 02, 2015 07:34 PM EDT

New British research shows that employees work best while standing.


Mother's Milk Cuts Leukemia Risk by 19 Pct in Breastfeeding Study

By Peter R - Jun 02, 2015 08:21 AM EDT

A review of previous studies have led researchers to conclude that breastfeeding can cut risk by 19 percent. The study however does not explain the association.

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