Carnivorous Bladderwort shows its colour. New research show shocking results.

By Ajay Kadkol - 28 Feb '15 16:25PM

Carnivorous Bladderwort shows its colour. New research show shocking results.

When factious characters turn out to be reality. The carnivorous Bladderwort has established a new ray. The research conducted by Prof. Victor Albert of the University of Buffalo, show that the carnivorous Bladderwort has a smaller genome than many well known plants-. However, this carnivore aquatic plant is found to have more genes.

In 2013, Prof.Victor Albert found that Utricularia gibba, commonly known as carnivorous bladderwort, lacked the junk DNA (regions of DNA that don't directly code for proteins) that most organisms have in abundance. The bumped carnivore aquatic plant spreads its tentacles about a distance, to help itself to catch small prey with a zooming speed.

Science says that human beings have about 90 percent of junk DNA, while on the other hand this carnivore aquatic plant show a shocking figure of about 5 percent junk DNA, which is way beyond other like creatures.

With 80 million base pairs of DNA, it is six times smaller than the grape, but it has 28,500 genes when compared to grapes, which encompasses 26,300. The new study by Prof. Victor Albert and his colleagues suggest that this aquatic carnivore owe its super-compact genome to a long history of rampant DNA editing. In fact, Albert and his colleagues believe that the plants genome has duplicated entirely at least three times. But instead of just adding all of those redundant genes to its DNA, it has kept cutting out the chaff. "It turned out that those rates of evolutionary turnover -- especially the rate of loss -- were incredibly high compared to other plants. The genome was subjected to some heavy duty deletion mechanisms", Albert said.

In future studies, he and his colleagues hope to pinpoint the drive behind this fascinating mechanism.

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