Willie Nelson Dead? Viral Hoax Fools Internet

By Dustin M Braden - 23 Feb '15 18:13PM

A hoax that went viral on the internet has left fans of one country musician wondering exactly how all the madness began.

Inquisitr reports that the internet was aflame with reactions after fake news that country legend Willie Nelson had died. Although 81-years-old, the legendary crooner has not yet kicked the bucket.

The rumor about Nelson's demise first began on the fake site MSMBC, according to Inquisitr. The initials for the site so closely mirror the actual news organization MSNBC that people glancing at the headline understood it to be true.

The fact the story cited made up police officials also lent it an undeserved air of credibility. The story claimed that Nelson's body was found on the front lawn of a property he owns in Maui, HI.

The nature of the story and Nelson's iconic status combined to allow this false story to go viral on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others.

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