Two and a Half Men's Series' Finale: Critics Rejoice as the Longest Running Comedy in TV History Nears End

By Dustin M Braden - 19 Feb '15 18:28PM

As the series' finale of CBS' 'Two and a Half Men' draws closer, many have begun to wonder just how the show was able to survive as long as it did.

NPR notes that with 12 seasons, 'Two and a Half Men' is now the longest running comedy in the history of television. Although popular with audiences, the show was perennially panned by critics.

The Week even went so far as to bid the show, "good riddance."

The show revolves around the life of an entertainment professional living the fast life in Los Angeles, who has to adjust to a new life when his recently divorced brother and adolescent son move in with him.

The entertainment professional was originally played by Charlie Sheen, with Jon Cryer as the brother, and Angus T. Jones as the son. The entertainment professional is now played by Ashton Kutcher, who replaced Sheen after he had an infamous and drug fueled breakdown. It would seem that Sheen was a little too enamored of the fast lifestyle he was paid to portray.

Sheen was fired from the show after his drug abuse got out of hand and he made a series of disparaging remarks about the show's creator, Chuck Lorre.

The show originally aired Sept. 22, 2003. It was so successful that Sheen, Cryer, and Kutcher were the highest paid actors in all of broadcast journalism.

CNN notes that the 12 seasons of 'Two and a Half Men' mean that it outlasted such icons of television history like 'Cheers,' 'Frasier,' 'M*A*S*H,' 'Happy Days,' and 'Married...with Children.'

Some shows that have been on longer than 'Two and a Half Men' include 'The Simpsons,' 'Family Guy,' 'King of the Hill,' and 'My Three Sons'.

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