Beyoncé and Kanye West Fight: Queen Bey Angry over Kanye’s Grammy Rant

By Cheri Cheng - 16 Feb '15 13:19PM

Beyoncé is reportedly very upset with Kanye West for his actions during the 57th Grammy Awards show.

When Beck won the Album of the Year Award for "Morning Phase," Kanye jokingly got up to pretend to interrupt Beck's acceptance speech. Although the rapper sat down before he reached the microphone, he did not keep his mouth shut. At the end of the night, Kanye ranted about how Beyoncé should have won the award and that Beck "needs to respect artistry and [give] his award to Beyoncé."

His actions did not only started a Beck versus Beyoncé war between fans of both artists, they also angered Beyoncé, who was very embarrassed. According to the New York Daily News, Beyoncé had wanted to distance herself from Kanye for some time. However, her husband Jay Z continued to stay very close to Kanye. Now that Kanye has pulled another stunt, Beyoncé has gotten all the ammo she needs to convince Jay Z that they are better off without Kanye in their circle.

"It just sort of overexposed her for no reason and kind of diminished the pedestal she sits on," the insider stated. "Jay is very loyal to Kanye, but it's the Kim and Kanye drama that Bey has always requested they avoid. This isn't a totally malicious or a big fight, more of an 'I told you so' from Bey to Jay."

The insider added, "Beyoncé's pissed at Jay Z for allowing Kimye so close to them. Beyoncé and her team have worked very hard to put out the exact image they want out there - it's super-controlled and managed and manicured. So for Kanye to jump up on stage without it being planned or part of a discussion is exactly the type of drama Beyoncé did not want with Kim [Kardashian] and Kanye and the tabloid lives they live."

Despite the supposed drama, Beyoncé and Jay Z attended Kanye's fashion show and sat next to Kim.

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