Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Update: Laplet Rumored To Have 4G LTE, Might Launch In June This Year

By Kamal Nayan - 16 Feb '15 12:20PM

Microsoft's next version of Surface Pro might be launched in the July of this year, according to rumors. The device might also get the much anticipated 4G LTE feature.

"Microsoft is looking into putting out the Surface Pro 4 on July 2015. My sources say that Microsoft will reveal it on GDC and they will use that and a gaming PC plus an Xbox to show how powerful Windows 10 and DX12 is" a post by anonymous tipster read at the technology board of 4Chan.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is also expected to improve upon the design. Gospel Herald reported that the laplet will enjoy an aesthetic redesign but would also receive significant under the hood updates.

Rumors also has it that Surface Pro 4 will sport Intel's new Core M Broadwell chip, giving it a welcome upgrade both in power and portability. The Core M's fanless operation allows less real estate and a cooler running temperature, which is a huge improvement over the Surface Pro 3's Haswell chip which is said to provide 30% more energy consumption than the Core M, Gaspel Herald reported.

Surface Pro 4 is also expected to boost 16 GB of RAM instead 8 GB of RAM, currently being equipped in Surface Pro 3.

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