First Ever Penis Reduction Operation Performed To A Teenager

By Maria Slither - 14 Feb '15 14:55PM

A seventeen-year old teenager from Florida is said to have requested the first-ever penis reduction operation from doctors of the University of South Florida. The unusual operation is now published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the Daily Mail reported.

The request came after the teenager is said to be having awkward moments due to the abnormal penis size and the inability to do competitive sports or even have sex.

Several bouts of priapism-unwanted erections also made the unnamed patient more uncomfortable.

Reports from Dr. Rafael Carrion, a urologist of the said hospital said that the boy has an unusually large penis size which is seven-inch long with a circumference of 10 inches even when it is in its flaccid state.

Further, doctors likened it to the size of an 'American football.'

"His penis had inflated like a balloon. It sounds like a man's dream - a tremendously inflated phallus - but unfortunately although it was a generous length, it's girth was just massive, especially around the middle," the doctor said.

As mentioned in Sputnik News, the teenager underwent an operation wherein doctors will have to slice along his circumcision scar. A removal of tissue segments from both sides is also done to reduce its size.

When the operation was done, Dr. Carrion said, "It's slightly longer and slightly thicker than the average male, but now it looks symmetrical, and the patient was very satisfied."

"It was a bit like having two side tummy-tucks," the doctor said as quoted by The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a second man requesting for the same operation approached the doctor.

"This [second] man seems to have a naturally large penis, because there's nothing unusual in his medical history, so it doesn't seem like there's any real abnormality in this case," he said.

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