Moto Hint Bluetooth Earpiece Defines Simplicity At its Best

By Sarah Price - 05 Sep '14 08:26AM

Motorola has given a new definition to Bluetooth headsets with the all-new Moto Hint that brings various smartphones functions into a tiny earbud.

The all-new Moto Hint is the latest Bluetooth extension for your smartphone that fits entirely inside the ear. The design is simple yet elegant and calls for a transformation in the Bluetooth headset category.

Motorola announced Moto Hint as a part of its independent event at its headquarters in downtown Chicago, Thursday, where the company also unveiled the revamped Moto X, Moto G and coveted Moto 360. It is unclear why the company chose a different venue than the highly popular IFA 2014 trade show, but at end of it, the new devices show the company's commitment toward growth in the competitive industry.

"Moto Hint is a discreet wireless earbud designed to look good and feel great. It gives you complete control of your phone and allows you to access everything you need by just using your voice," Motorola explained in a company's official blog post, Thursday. "When paired with your Moto X, you can ask questions like "What's today's forecast?" or get turn by turn navigation directions, all without touching or even looking at your phone."

The tiny earbud features no buttons but has a capacitive touch and voice control for navigation. It securely fits inside the ear and works seamlessly with the paired smartphone. Several additional functions like checking messages, getting notifications, checking latest sport scores can be done without even reaching out for the smartphone, Mashable reported after a hands-on experience.

The earpiece can be matched with Moto X skins of different hues. It features a unique charging station, which can be carried in a pocket or a purse, and can be used to fully charge while on the go. The expected battery life is 10 hours on calls. Like the Moto 360, the Moto Hint can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled non-Motorola smartphone and works within a 150 feet range, according to the company's website.

The tiny Moto Hint comes with a $149.00 price tag and will be available in stores and online starting this fall.

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