Arrow Season 3 Trailer: [VIDEO] Thea and Malcolm Merlin train; Does Felicity like Italian food?

By Robert Christie - 05 Sep '14 00:51AM

As we get closer to the "Arrow" season premiere, the trailers begin to reveal more and more.

In our latest trailer we pretty much get an update on every major character:

Oliver - The Arrow seems to be doing really well taking down bad guys and apparently he's really good with a gun. Oh, and he's also making plans for a date with Felicity during a high speed chase.

Diggle - Mr. Diggle is doing the usual, driving a truck as team Arrow tracks down an illegal shipment

Felicity - She's gotten a new job at some tech store (which is probably for a case but still, it's worth noting)

Roy -- The future Red Arrow is hanging out with Oliver, doing fun things like being shot at

Thea - Oliver's sister is taking some time to train with her father

Larry Lance - The former detective is looking quite healthy and continues his secret rendezvous with the Arrow

Laurel - Laurel is up to her usual tricks, trying to prosecute criminals and strong arming bad guys in hospital beds.

Sara - Laurel's sister is doing what she best - make dramatic entrances

The trailer also shows us new characters such as Ray Adams/Atom Man and the recast Vertigo played by Peter Stormare.

In other "Arrow" news, Matt Nable has been tapped to play Ra's Al Ghul, the famous Batman villain. (Many of you might know Nable from his role as Boss Johns in "Riddick"). We were introduced to Nyssa Al Ghul, portrayed by Katrina Law, in Season 2.

So what storyline are you most looking forward to in Season 3? Is it the long-awaited "Olicity" romance? Or is it about the new father-daughter relationship between Malcom and Thea? Maybe you're looking forward to the arrival of Ra's Al Ghul?

Whatever you're anticipating this season let me know in the comments section below.

"Arrow" returns Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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