Coffee Cuts Cancer: Four Cups of Jo a Day Linked to Less Endometrial Tumors

By Peter R - 09 Feb '15 10:05AM

Ladies indulge in your favourite cuppa, for it offers protection against endometrial cancer.

A new study found that four cups of coffee a day can cut risk by 18 percent, CBS News reported. Researchers made their findings after evaluating dietary associations of 84 foods and endometrial cancer, which kills 10,000 women annually in the US, when they found that coffee intake, is inversely associated with risk of cancer. The new study led by Imperial College of London researcher Melissa Merritt evaluated dietary habits of 2,800 women diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

According to WebMD, the new study is not the first of its kind. Studies in the past have shown similar association. One trial found consuming 37 ounces of coffee reduced risk by 18 percent while another one claimed that 26 ounces was sufficient to produce a similar risk reduction.

While the new study's researchers admitted they were not surprised with the results of their study as past trials have produced similar results, they are far from explaining the relationship between endometrial cancer and coffee. One theory goes that coffee can help reduce estrogen levels in the body which can lower risk of the cancer. Also, the new study could not differentiate between effects of decaf and regular.

"Our findings suggest that coffee intake may be inversely associated with endometrial cancer risk. Further data are needed to confirm these findings and to examine the mechanisms linking coffee intake to endometrial cancer risk to develop improved prevention strategies," researchers wrote in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.

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