90% of Staff In a Japanese Hotel Will Be Robots

By Kamal Nayan - 07 Feb '15 03:45AM

A Japanese theme park is opening a new hotel in July that will be operated almost entirely by robots.

The hotel is named Henn-na Hotel - meaning Strange Hotel. Guests will be greeted by robots sitting behind mechanical desks and the luggage will be carried by mechanoid porters. The robot-receptionists will be able to engage in intelligent conversations with human guests.

Even the room cleaning will be carried out by mechanical staff, and instead of keys guests will access their rooms using a facial recognition system.

The first phrase of the two-story hotel will open on 17th July with 72 rooms and the second phrase will be completed next year.

"We will make the most efficient hotel in the world," the park's president Hideo Sawada told a news conference, Japan Times reports. "In the future, we'd like to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robots."

A single room in the hotel will cost 7,000 yen ($60), with doubles going for 9,000 yen ($77) for one night. The pricing would be set by online action, so the prices will vary according to the demand. The upper limit has been set 14,000 yen ($119) for single room.

The hotel will not have the air conditions. Instead a radiation panel will detect body heat in rooms and adjust the temperature.

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